I. Scope of application

a) These Terms and Conditions apply to all business conducted between productkey.pro and the customer. Exceptions to these conditions apply only when productkey.pro declares them in writing.

b) Productkey.pro is permitted to change or amend these Terms and Conditions at any time. Amendments to the Terms and Conditions do not apply to orders that were placed prior to the changes.

II. Fundamental features of productkey.pro services

Productkey.pro sells codes and CD-keys for online games and software. CD-keys and codes will be sent solely via email. Physical DVDs and CDs will not be sold or delivered, and products will not be shipped through mail.

III. Customer requirements

The customer must fulfill certain requirements in order to use the services rendered by productkey.pro. In order to buy products, the customer must first create an account. If a customer buys software or a game key, they must adhere to the product manufacturer’s Terms of Service as well.

IV. Risks for the customer regarding services

a) Productkey.pro takes all possible precautions in order to keep the customer’s information secret and safe from unwanted examination. The customer is obliged to help keep their own data secure by utilizing encrypted data transmission and changing their password after the service provision.

b) Productkey.pro is not an operator of online games and therefore does not take responsibility for circumstances that lie beyond its sphere, especially regarding the accessibility or operation of online games after the service provision.

V. Steps to the Conclusion of the Contract

a)  The customer can select a product for purchase by clicking the button labeled “buy now.” The product will be placed in the shopping cart, and the shopping cart will be updated with the relevant product information. In order to select another product, the customer can navigate towards and then click upon it. The product will be added to the shopping cart and the updated shopping cart with the articles that it contains will be displayed. This process can be repeated. The updated content of the shopping cart can be viewed by clicking the button “update.” Products can be removed from the shopping cart by clicking the button “remove”.

b) When the customer has completed their selection, they may click the button labeled “pay now”. If they are not registered yet, they must register for an account by clicking on the link “continue” for new customers and following the instructions. Registered users can enter their registration information and click on the “log in” button.

c) The customer thereby enters a binding offer with productkey.pro. Entry errors can be corrected with a relevant peripheral device before sending the order.

VI. Conclusion of the contract

a) The product catalog that is displayed on this website does not constitute an offer in a legal sense, but rather an invitation to the customer to submit an offer. Upon placing an order, the customer extends their offer towards the conclusion of a contract between productkey.pro and the customer.

b) After a customer places their order, the customer will receive an email that confirms they purchased an item from productkey.pro (order confirmation).

c) In order to receive a confirmation email, the customer must ensure that they are reachable by email. If a customer does not receive a confirmation email, they should then examine their security settings, check their spam filter, and inspect their spam/trash folder.

d) The conclusion of the contract between the customer and productkey.pro is only effectuated when the customer receives an explicit order confirmation. This order confirmation contains all details regarding the customer’s order and can also fulfill the function of an acknowledgment of receipt.

VII. Payment

a) Payment methods are limited to PayPal and cryptocurrencies (BCH, BTC, DOGE, ETC, ETH, LTC, USDC, XMR, XLM, XRP).

b) The customer is only entitled to the right to offset when their counterclaim has been legally decided or is undisputed.

c) The customer can only exercise a right of retention when their counterclaim is based on the same contractual relationship.

VIII. Scope of services and service reservations

a) Productkey.pro generates the services that are agreed upon via contract according to the current status of the online game concerned. Especially in cases of changes of the online game by the operator, productkey.pro reserves the right to render the services divergent from the information on the website, as long as the basic service content is not affected by this.

b) By means of service provision, productkey.pro transmits only such rights onto the customer to which productkey.pro is authorized to have in regards to the immaterial and other rights of the game operator.

c) Productkey.pro is authorized to withdraw from the contract as far as it does not receive the object of services despite previous conclusion of a contract. Productkey.pro will immediately inform the customer regarding the failure of the delivery to us from our suppliers, and will refund the already received payment without delay in case of the customer’s withdrawal from the contract.

IX. Service time and default

a) The rendering of services takes place after the payment has been received by productkey.pro.

b) The delivery date varies by product, and can typically be found in the product description. The customer is authorized to withdraw from the purchase if the rendering of services is not possible due to extraordinary situations.

c) In case of a failure to comply with the delivery deadline for other reasons, the customer is further authorized to set an adequate grace period in writing under penalty of refusal and to withdraw from the contract after the unsuccessful expiration of the contractual services or delivery. Productkey.pro reserves the right to partial performance if this option seems beneficial for speedy processing and is reasonable for the customer.

X. Receipt of Services

The modalities for services and receipt of services by the customer are adjusted to the respective circumstances of the product, and are to be taken from the product description.

XI. Limitation of Liability

The liability of productkey.pro for contractual breaches of duty is limited to criminal intent and criminal neglect. This does not apply for injuries of life, body, or health of the customer or claims regarding breach of cardinal obligations or compensation for damage caused by delay. In the aforementioned respect, productkey.pro is liable for any degree of fault.

XII. Guarantee

The guarantee takes place according to the legal provisions.

XIII. Reservation of Ownership

Rights transferable to the customer in compliance with § VIII.2 of these regulations by productkey.pro do not precede until the complete payment.


a) The stated prices are retail prices including the legal sales tax. This does not include the cost of delivery, if applicable.

b) The contract data consisting of the wording of the contract and the general terms and conditions are saved by productkey.pro. The customer can request the saved data after the conclusion of the contract from productkey.pro via Email (info@productkey.pro). The customer can furthermore print or save the contract data within the context of the order transaction via the browser’s menu navigation or via keyboard combinations (Strg p, Strg s).

c) The language used in this contract is understood to be English. Content in other languages are non-binding translations.

d) If the customer is a merchant or has no general jurisdiction (legal domicile) within the country, Hong Kong is the exclusive local jurisdiction for any disputes arising from this contractual relationship.

e) Hong Kong law applies to the exclusion of the Uniform Law on the International Sale of Goods (CISG).

f) Should one clause of this agreement become completely or partially ineffective or lose its validity later on, the validity of the remaining regulations remains unaffected. In place of the ineffective regulation; the legal specifications apply.

Please contact us at info@productkey.pro if you have any questions.